Why Social distance matter for COVID-19

The secret of Coronavirus in spreading speed is its spikes. Stronger the virus bonds, fewer viruses are required to make the infection. Thanks to the covid19 spikes, it can establish much better bonds with ACE2 proteins.

Sars virus was more lethal but spreading slower, covid19 is less lethal but its spread rate is much more than stars. According to Professor Hugh Montgomery. The transmission rate of seasonal flu is 1.4. if there are 10 transitions, one person is responsible for the disease of 14 people. The infectious rate of covid19 is 3, but when the transition is repeated 10 times, a person becomes responsible for the infection of 59000 people. This is an incredible difference. This is the detail that makes coronavirus so unstoppable.

ocial distance scale

Many respiratory infections infect the upper or lower respiratory tract. Those who infect the lower respiratory tract spread harder but are more effective, while those affecting the upper respiratory tract spread more easily but pass less. Covid19 infects both the upper and lower respiratory tract. This shows why it has spread without symptoms.

Studies show that the ncov19 virus has evolved to spread more aggressively. the study that The covid19 coronavirus evolved into two major types. S type and the L type. According to reports, the L type spreads much more aggressively and accounts for 70% of cases.

Another main factor is the population density of countries

In countries with high population density, coronavirus spreads faster. Especially providing physical distance is more important in these countries.

Europe population density map

With this map showing the population density, the places where the coronavirus spreads are almost the same. If we look at the population density of Italy, Spain, and England, we can understand that there are risky regions. In Russia, however, the density is low, so the case is less so far.

Although America is more fortunate than Europe, we see that the number of cases in places with high density increased at the same rate. Although it is not a surprise, the city with the highest Population density in America is the most deadly place in New York. Superspreaders play an important role in the transmission of the disease. unfortunately new york had many superspreaders at the beginning of a pandemic.

Tom Frieden estimates that if 50% of American people become infected, 1.6 million Americans would die. America, the most obese country in the world, is waiting for a difficult test

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