COVID-19 Vs Seasonal flu

Ncov19 is a coronavirus. the seasonal flu is caused by influenza viruses. it causes 290000 to 650000 deaths per year. Most deaths are over 65 years old. Children under the age of 59 months are the risk group for seasonal flu, whereas coronavirus does not show such a risk.

Seasonal flu mortality is 0.2-0.1% for all ages. The mortality of ncov19 is 2.3%. ncov19 is 12 to 24 times more lethal than seasonal flu.

In the United States, 40 thousand people died annually from the seasonal flu, while 67 thousand people have died from covid19 so far. For seasonal flu, these numbers are 13 thousand for the United Kingdom, while the number of deaths from covid19 is 28 thousand.

One of the biggest differences between seasonal flu and covid19 is consciousness. The contagious value of the flu is 1.4 while covid19 is 3. After 10 passes, 1 person in the flu is responsible for the transmission of 14 people, while in covid19 this number is 59 thousand. This difference is the greatest strength and dangerous aspect of sarcov2.

how many people will die?

Tom Frieden estimates that if 50% of American people become infected, 1.6 million Americans would die.

In some of the previous pandemics, the number of dead is as follows

NameTime periodType / Pre-human hostDeath toll
Antonine Plague165-180Believed to be either smallpox or measles5M
Japanese smallpox epidemic735-737Variola major virus1M
Plague of Justinian541-542Yersinia pestis bacteria / Rats, fleas30-50M
Black Death1347-1351Yersinia pestis bacteria / Rats, fleas200M
New World Smallpox Outbreak1520 – onwardsVariola major virus56M
Great Plague of London1665Yersinia pestis bacteria / Rats, fleas100,000
Italian plague1629-1631Yersinia pestis bacteria / Rats, fleas1M
Cholera Pandemics 1-61817-1923V. cholera bacteria1M+
Third Plague1885Yersinia pestis bacteria / Rats, fleas12M (China and India)
Yellow FeverThe late 1800sVirus / Mosquitoes100,000-150,000 (U.S.)
Russian Flu1889-1890Believed to be H2N2 (avian origin)1M
Spanish Flu1918-1919H1N1 virus / Pigs40-50M
Asian Flu1957-1958H2N2 virus1.1M
Hong Kong Flu1968-1970H3N2 virus1M
HIV/AIDS1981-presentVirus / Chimpanzees25-35M
Swine Flu2009-2010H1N1 virus / Pigs200,000
SARS2002-2003Coronavirus / Bats, Civets770
Ebola2014-2016Ebolavirus / Wild animals11,000
MERS2015-PresentCoronavirus / Bats, camels850
COVID-192019-PresentCoronavirus – Unknown (possibly pangolins)11,400 (as of Mar 20, 2020)
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