Why mortality is different by country

The mortality of coronavirus cases varies according to each country. There are a few reasons for this, but the main reason is the number of tests performed and the group you test.

for example, South Korea uses this test in traffic. The number of tests they have done so far is 316000. positive cases in 8565. Only 3% of the people they have tested are positive. this means that the number of cases in South Korea is close to 3% of the country. the number of dead is 91. mortality is 1%. The reason for the low mortality is the low average age of the people in traffic. When we look at the diamond princess, the death rate there was about 1%. that is, when you make a random choice, the death rate is approximately 1%.

Mortality in Germany is only 0.2%. they are also testing in traffic like south Korea. The number of tests done is 167000, considering the mortality rate, it is performed on a young population. and the number of cases that appear should be very close to the actual number of cases. Similarly, countries with mortality Norway 0.3%, Sweden 0.7%, Denmark %0.5.

it is necessary to look at deaths to understand the actual number of cases

the time required for the coronavirus to double the number of cases is about 6 days. If we think that he killed the approach in 18 days and the mortality rate is 2 over 3 8 and we accept the mortality rate as %1, then 1 death means 800 cases.

Approximately 41000 positive of 148000 tests in Italy. 28% of those tested are positive, meaning that the number of cases in Italy is more than a million. If we multiply the number of deaths by 800, the number of cases is approximately 2.7 million. probably more than that. The reason for the high mortality rate in Italy is that Italy probably tests people who come to the hospital, so the mortality is 8.2%. Another reason for this high number is Italy’s median age is 45.

If we just look at the times of death, we can fully understand how many days countries are between each other. The first death in Italy is February 21, the first death in America is February 29, the first death in England is March 5. 148 people died in the first 13 days in Italy, 49 people in America, 104 people in England. England’s situation is much worse than America. The number of people who died in the first 13 days in Spain is 133. The scenario in Spain seems very close to Italy.

Symptoms and incidence of nvoc19

Fatality rates by age group in China

china madian age is 38.4

Fatality rates by underlying health condition in China

death rate shows stratification by age. 99% of those who died have at least one disease.

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